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LivestockTransport™ Reverse Hitching Guide

Easily Reverse & Hitch RV With Precision!

-30ft Wireless Connection Without WiFi

-Easy Installation

-150° Wide Viewing Angle

-Clear Visible Night Vision

*For distance further than 30ft, you are required to have a WiFi connection on your mobile device.

Set A (Camera Set)


Set B (Camera Set + 8GB Memory Card)


Set C (Camera Set + 16GB Memory Card)


Set D (Camera Set + 32GB Memory Card)



Easily Reverse & Hitch RV With Precision!

-30ft Wireless Connection Without WiFi

-Easy Installation

-150° Wide Viewing Angle

-Clear Visible Night Vision

*For distance further than 30ft, you are required to have a WiFi connection on your mobile device.

What Make Us Different

Easy Reversing & Hitching via Mobile

Be rid of any assistance when reversing or hitching an RV! With LivestockTransport™ 150° viewing angle, simply connect via WiFi to your mobile device to see the camera view on your device's screen.

Easy Installation

Easily mount LivestockTransport™ to any surface with no hardware.

Great Night Vision & Waterproof

12 infra-red lights provide great night vision of up to 30ft even on the darkest night! LivestockTransport™ is also waterproof and can withstand most weather elements.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
don algie
Amazing camera

I use this camera to hook up my gooseneck trailer and I can line up first time every time. Then I can remove it and put it in my trailer to view the horses while trucking. I can then remove it to back up into my spot. I recommend this camera because of the easy program, the picture is very clear even at night and it’s priced right. All the places I was getting quotes from were $400 to $600 for two cameras; one for the bed of my truck and one on the back of my horse trailer. I can also use it attached to my trailer to view the horses at night while camping. I don’t have to get out of bed to make sure they are settled. You won’t be sorry with your purchase, I promise.

Denise McCabe
Magnet really sticks

Works great for backing under gooseneck trailer. Aim it dow the hitch pin on the trailer and watch the ball in the truck bed come into place.

Dan Harty
Must have for big trailers

Love it. We use this on our big trailer. It’s great as a rear view mirror when towing. The picture is great. It doesn’t have a high frame rate but it’s adequate. We have not used it at night yet. The magnet is very strong and stays put. We add a Velcro strap just for extra support. Very easy to set up.
Must have for big trailers

Jann Smith
Amazing Camera Quality and Can Be Used for Other Purposes Too.

I actually used this camera to troubleshoot an engine problem while a friend drove the car down the road. You can watch what is happening in real time and the low light performance is perfect for inside an engine bay.
Great product.
Now I will add this to my son's car as a back up camera.

jonathan dean
Works fine for what I needed

The camera arrived well packaged and on time. I am impressed with the quality so far sturdy and compact. Easy to use and exactly what I needed - portability and using Wi-Fi. Priced right and best value.

Only time will tell as I use it during my camping adventures.

Frequently Asked Questions
How do I connect my mobile to the camera?

Simply scan the QR code, or go to AppStore (iOS)/Google Play (Android) on your mobile to download a mobile application named 'IWF came'. Once downloaded, simply follow the instruction manual to get the camera linked to your mobile!

Can the camera work on any wireless monitor instead of phone?

No, LivestockTransport™ is designed to be used specifically with mobile-only (Android & iOS).

What are the features of this camera?

The camera has multiple features that can be used not just for reversing & hitching!

You can even use it for the security of your RV!
1. Motion Detection - With this function switched on, a push notification will be sent to your device once motion is detected.
2. 24 Hours Loop Recording - By inserting a memory card, you will have recordings of footage to look back on.
3. Supports Multi-User - Multiple mobile devices can be connected to the camera via the mobile application. This is perfect if more than one of you is in the RV!

Will the mount withstand if I accelerated my RV?

Yes, LivestockTransport™ has been tested to stay still even if your RV goes up to 100 miles per hour. However, we do recommend our customers to not leave them out overnight as people can steal them easily. (You can attach it to the door of your RV at night as a security measure too!)

Does this require WiFi for viewing? My RV goes to deserted places with no WiFi signal most of the time.

The WiFi is generated from the camera, so your phone connects to it with its WiFi ability. No WiFi signal is needed on your mobile's end.

How do I charge it, and how long will a single charge lasts?

The camera is rechargeable with the USB cable provided. A full charge should last you up to 48 hours.